Full Version: I need an admin to activate a user.
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Not even sure why he's inactive.

User is Mac, joined here back in 2001. He tried to get on here today and got the Inactive user message.

I went to his profile and as a mod I can't activate him (atleast I don't think I can)....so if anyone could do it and post back here so me and Mac know he's active again.

I tried contacting Sumo at the email I have on MSN Messenger to no avail. Anyone know where I can contact him? A current email or something?

Thanks and hoping to get this settled soon :-)
Set as active - not sure why it was set as inactive.
Thanks DrV :-).
No clue, perhaps one of the phpbb updates decided to inactivate users that didn't post in a long while or something. I don't know :-). I just let Mac know he is now active again :-)
It was deactivated long ago, because it was hijacked and used to spam. Tell him to change his password?