Full Version: QB64 Demo v0.7 (Qbasic syntax Compiler) Released
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QB64 is a project by Galleon to make a Qbasic code compiler that produces EXE's which will run in newer OS's like Vista without errors.

This latest release, #7, is the most compatible one to date, supporting many Qbasic commands, including SUB/FUNCTIONS use.

For more information about this release and to DOWNLOAD QB64 #7 you may visit the QB64 forum here:

The official project forum is here:

- Dav
I do not want to take up Galleon's time on trivia but if you have got a moment, could you let me Know how long it takes to compile mzupd2.
It took 55 seconds total on my pc to compile mzupd2.bas (that includes the QB64 translation process which took about 40 secs of that time, the C++ part took 15 seconds). 

I compiled it on a Pentium-4, 3.2GHz, 1gig ram, Win2k pro.

It runs OK.  The movement/keyboard input feels a little sluggish to me sometimes though.

- Dav
Thanks for that, it must be Windows ME that is the problem. mzupd2 is the only program that does not compile for me. I get an "Out of memory" failure after about an hour.
Quote:it must be Windows ME that is the problem.

Windows ME is always the problem.  :-X
(04-22-2008, 09:52 PM)zoasterboy link Wrote:
Quote:it must be Windows ME that is the problem.

Windows ME is always the problem.  :-X

I find it strange how some versions of Windows ca be more problematic tha others, 98SE and XP have been good for me but ME and Vista have not.
Yeah, same here. 98SE & XP have been good to me. I like WIN2K an awful lot too. I still use it as much as XP, in fact.  I skipped over ME, and probably will skip Vista. Plasma put it well on his forum (now offline), 'Vista is to XP what ME was to 98'.

I doubt ME & QB64 are going to end up getting along, from the way the testing reports are sounding.  But Galleon is working hard and seems pretty good at hammering out bugs. Looking forward to v8 coming out.

- Dav 
My friend says ME should stand for Multiple Errors.
hey, its been a while since I coded. But when I open up QB45 in Vista, I get an "invalid startup directory" error. How do I fix this?
on the shortcut to QB is the working folder correct?
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