Full Version: Incomplete program
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This isn't really a challenge as almost everyone has a title screen for an awsome but impossible 3d game. it would be a challenge to complete a incomplete game.
As far a a challenge in the broad sense goes, this is a good one. However in terms of this challenge forum its just too broad. I wonder how many incomplete games there are for every completed game!
You know, "incomplete" is probably a good descriptor for most endevors in life, as almost nothing is ever truly "completed". 

I would like to suggest that, from now on, all challenges be accompanied with a fixed set or rules that if satisfied by any challenger, it is to be considered complete! 

I know that, as I work on what started out to be a trivial program for a quick solution to some specific problem, I keep adding to it, and, in the end, leave it "incomplete", as I now have more ideas for "improving" it. 

I'm sure that programmers (I consider myself to be an amateur programmer, not a true, real programmer, as in professional programmer) do start out with the requirements, known as "the specifictions", which allows a project to be scheduled and completed within a reasonable time-frame. 

In the "real" world, I also know that many contracts start out with "incomplete" specifications, which must be improved as the project advances, by the addition of "work changes", a fairly costly procedure for the client's lack of proper design of the specifications up front, where it's fairly inexpensive to invest.  In a perfect world . . . 
Maybe definitions should go like this:

Title screen  ----------  the idea for the program and the title screen.

Demo and Working demo have been edited out.

Incomplete  ----------  original specifications have not been fulfilled and you have been sidetracked.

Complete  ------------  original specifications have been fulfilled but you have had more ideas and want to make it better.

Totally finished  ------  you cannot think of anything to improve.

I don't understand the idea of "Demo" and "Working demo".  Taking those two out, it seems to me the other basic rules are suficient. 
So, maybe Title screen, Incomplete, Complete and Improved are enough?
Thanks. I have edited them out.
Home Depot US, and like I said, Ive been very happy with it.