Full Version: List of QBASIC like compilers/interpreters
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I'd like to build a list of QB like compilers/interpreters with reviews however I need to know of them first to build it Smile

To start off from the top of my head:

FreeBASIC http://www.freebasic.net/
QB64 http://www.network54.com/Forum/585676/
PowerBASIC http://www.powerbasic.com/
JustBASIC http://www.justbasic.com/
TrueBasic http://www.truebasic.com/
PureBasic http://www.purebasic.com/
XBasic http://xbasic.sourceforge.net/

Please post if you know of others or even just have comments on any of the above how good they are/or aren't?
I'm not sure how many of these would be classified as QB-like, but here's a pretty extensive list.

Don't forget JustBasics big bro LibertyBasic. 

I've messed around with all those basics up there, except TrueBasic. Anyone used that one? I'd be interested in hearing what it's like.  I always thought William Yu's Basic Emulation compiler was a very good version of a Qbasic like language compiler. Wish he had continued it, but of course he decided to move on to make RapidQ.

Here's another good Windows & Linux Basic compiler list (with screenshots & reviews) that is maintained well and updated frequently.

- Dav
I'm not sure what you would call this but you also get runbasic which is internet based. It is free to write programs there and they keep them on the server for 40 hours. Also if you buy something you can run the qb code as a CGI script off your web browser.