Full Version: QB64 V0.82x released (Windows only)
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A new version of QB64, the Qbasic compatible compiler, is released today. QB64 is a one-man project aimed at making a Qbasic compatible compiler that will produce EXE's that will run perfectly on modern computers.  Most of Qbasic commands are fully supported, making QB64 perhaps the most Qbasic compatible compiler out there.

Changes/updates in this release is as follows:

1) PRINT USING command
2) STATIC command (all usages)
3) Major bug fixes to the QB64 IDE
4) Major bug fixes and improvements to the QB64 compiler

For more information and a download link check out Galleons official QB64 release post at the QB64 project fourm:

NOTE: This update is currently only the Windows version, the Linux updated is said to be released in about a week or so. 

- Dav