Full Version: Are you aware that Qbasic.com is displaying your News Forum posts?
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Just thought you should know.

Heh. Right on the front page it says you're an asshole.
I haven't been here for a long long time, so I don't know you that well, but from what I've read of your posts since I re-emerged, you don't seem that bad. It's like you talk sense... and the script kiddies talk shit.

Anyway, qbasic.com blindly reposting those thread entries would be rather frustrating if anyone were a patron of that site. How many of these communities have starved away now?
Yeah, but that IRV guy is just a pain in the ars. He has spammed many sites!

The Qbasic.com site links people to the Network 54 Qbasic Forums too. But finding Mark, the owner, is hard.

BTW, your avatar is not working

Ah ya, my profile here was 5 years outdated. Fixed it up a bit.