Full Version: Oldies still around?
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Hello, I'm still here most days but don't have too much free time. What is everyone up to?
I'm still hanging around. I've been getting into making apps for mobile devices lately.

Hi everyone.  Happy New Year!

- Dav
I logged in the forum out of curiosity. I do have something about doing QB relevant things in mind. One thing is whether I would do a small site with qbasic effects and demos, just to keep things in track and maybe upload captures of the good demos on youtube. An idea I had many times before and forgot, hopefully not this time. I haven't touched qbasic for ages, I code in modern languages and when going back to some old syntax and memory restrictions it seems weird but nostalgic. I also got a retro(?) Pentium 3 desktop, can run the qbasic demos like very fast, and might install qb45 there for some old feelings.
Cool. If you do that, be sure to share the link here. I'd like to check it out.

- Dav
(06-09-2016, 07:13 AM)Dav link Wrote: [ -> ]Cool. If you do that, be sure to share the link here. I'd like to check it out.

- Dav

Me too. I'm a sucker for nostalgia. Wink
Hi guys. After 10 years my site is now updated and I got a new URL thanks to Plasma.

Now it's just to start learning to code again  :Smile ;D
Glad to see your site has been updated, too many sites lacking updates (this one included). Now to restart the DW3 campaign  ;D
Hi. Smile
Yo guys... I have no idea how many of you still come around here. This is where I got started programming. Literally. I learned everything I know on here and the FreeBASIC forum. Anyway, remember sir_mud, right? Well, we have started a software company together. We have one game complete, which I wont mention here because it wasn't very good. :p
To make a long story short, we're about to open our latest game for beta testing. We're pretty happy with this one so far. For now, it's Android only, but we're planning to move it over to Steam after we get the Android specific stuff separated into compilation target specific modules. Anyway, here's a promo video showing some of the gameplay. See ya guys! Big Grin

Bloosh promo video

Guys, please check this, if you haven't already.

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