Full Version: QB64 V0.85 released (Windows)
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The compiler QB64 V0.85 was released a few hours ago.

QB64 is the Qbasic compiler project by Galleon and has an active forum of beta testers.  It is a growing community and the project is moving along well.  The project site now has wiki.

Check it out today!
Link to download: http://www.qb64.net/forum/index.php?topic=568.0

The information below taken from the projects official announcement:

V0.85 Specific
Major stages in the exciting transition to IDE autoformatting and autolayout are complete.
Code will auto-indent.
The spacing of some statements will be done by autolayout.
The capitalization of some names will be maintained by autolayout.
This release has no option to disable the above yet.
Every effort has been made to make sure autolayout/autoformat do not damage your code.
If you encounter a problem related to autolayout/autoformatting please report it immediately.

* NOTE: The QB64 IDE now uses the Windows clipboard for copy/paste operations (this is very useful)
* CHAIN implemented (maintains COMMON data but doesn't maintain open files or the screen state yet)
* _CLIPBOARD$ string added to use/access the Windows clipboard
  PRINT _CLIPBOARD$ 'prints the contents of the clipboard
  _CLIPBOARD$="This is line 1"+CHR$(13)+CHR$(10)+"This is line 2" 'sets 2 lines of text in the clipboard
* _EXIT function implemented to let a program know if the user has used the close button or CTRL+BREAK
  After the first time this function is called, the programmer can no longer manually exit the program.
  _EXIT returns 0 - no exit request made
                1 - exit via X box
                2 - exit via CTRL+BREAK
                3 - both CTRL+BREAK and the X box have been used since last call
* Some sample programs (eg. samples\original\qb64\ripples.bas) stopped working (across several releases) and the various causes have been fixed
* Many reported (and unreported) bugs have been fixed