Full Version: old programs stopped working in XP or in QB64
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I haven't programmed for years, I've started with the old original basic and ended up using QB 7.1 (bc7) and even integrated them with sub routines in assembler (mach.qlb).  I still use my compiled programs with XP SP3 and even in Vista without any problem.
But I confess I lost the programming feeling and even forgot many details.
The first mistake I probably made was, when re-installing bc7 in my computer, to choose the wronng parameters regarding extended/expanded whatever.
The fact is that I can't even run my non-compiled programs, independently of their size. When I try to run then while in bas format, they respond with "out of memory" or "out of string memory". Why? is it possible that SP3 is limiting the memory much more that SP and SP2? Or, as I think, I forgot how to setup bc7 during its installation?
Then I tried to use QB64. A mess for me. Any program, even one that doesn't use any database, gives me "ide module error". Behind this message, I see a bunch of non recognizable characters. Is there a converter from qb to qb64?
Any help. please please?
Hi jacobb,

Hmm..I don't know about the out of memory thing, I've ran QB programs without that trouble in XP Pro/SP3.  Maybe someone else can jump in and help you with that.

If your .BAS files won't work in QB64 and contain a bunch of funny charaters - then maybe the .BAS files are saved in QB's binary format, not text.  Try opening one in QB and re-save it as a text BAS file, then give it another try in QB64.  QB64 is alomost 100% QB compatible now (get the latest version of it).

Here are a two more active QB forums you may want to ask at:



Good luck!

- Dav