Full Version: Holy **** it's been 8 f---kin' years!
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Ye olde timers will know me. This place is looking like it's falling apart. What the heck happened to QB? Is it dead / dying or is it just this forum? I think I left this forum atleast 8 years ago and briefly checked a while back. Was feeling nostalgic and I find some familiar names on the forum. I see wildcard's posts. Who is running this forum now? Last I knew SumoJo was supposed to be the admin. Wildcard left. Zire was running amuck...! It's been a LOOOOOONG time.
Hey TheBigBasicQ.  Good to see you around again.  

Well, wildcard took the site back over.  I'm helping out, but as you observed there's not much to help out on these days.  

The Qbasic scene has pretty much faded away.  Many QB programs fail to work in new Windows enviornments. Old QB users moved on the more modern languages, Qbasic isn't been taught much in schools any longer either. Etc, etc...

Many QB'ers went the Freebasic route, and some are also using the newer QB64 compiler which is the most Qbasic compatible thing I've used.  There's even a Linux & Mac version of it. Check it out at:

I still have a Qbasic site up here (thanks to wildcard for still hosting it), visit it if you'd like:

Thanks for stopping by and saying hey.  Smile

- Dav
Hi! Smile
Hi, good to see some familiar faces (names?)! I'm around mostly interacting with various spambots but otherwise there isn't much going on around here. It's sadly a musem at the moment. What's everyone been upto?
Oh, hi!

EDIT: Nice, most of our forum accounts here will be turning 10 years old in the next couple months. Tongue

Yeah, we got lives. Smile
Wow can't believe this place still exists Big Grin

My username was Zap back in the days, but I couldn't remember the login so I tried the reset password... and then I ended up with "Rajm" lol. Registered in 2001. Wow.

Hi everyone I guess Tongue
Hi, Zap, how's life Wink
So hey I got back into my "Zap" account. Odd, odd, odd Big Grin

Life is good! You? I live in Italy now, and I seem to remember you live in Spain? So you know... Almost close to you!

And yes I know your post is 2 years old haha. Oh well.
It's been like 6 years from my original post and close to 3 since the last post. Boy oh boy...time flies! How's everybody doing?
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