Full Version: Seasons of the Year FBGD Competition launches
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Lachie has posted the new FreeBASIC Games Directory competition with the theme of "Seasons of the Year" for more information please see the official thread at http://games.freebasic.net/forum/index.php?topic=559.0
Thanks fixed the typo.

Looks like a really interesting theme, will be keeping a close eye and maybe if I have time will enter but will have to see.
Thanks for showing interest. Even attempts are appreciated and fun to follow. My intention behind these competitions is to get people's creative juices running and make them produce something, regardless of competition deadlines. So I encourage you to start something without pressure to meet the deadline.
We had some donations.

These are the final cash prizes:

1st place - 350 $
2nd place - 100 $
3rd place - 50 $