Full Version: Project looking for Programmer (I can't do it myself)
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Hi everybody.
I'm Daniel, 41 years old and terrible at programming in any language. (not for lack of trying, Just too Dyslectic)
But I have ideas and I often find someone to build it.

I still play a 1991 DOS race game (stunts) and that has an active (modding) community, but the few programmers there are short on time.
Is there anyone interested with helping in writing part of the new SETUP program for the game.
The basis is already written in Qbasic.

I need a Installer function. First just for the game (a relative simple copy form source to destination)
Later to be expanded to install and remove mods.
The game supports 32 cars (it came with 11) but we are getting close to 100 now,
we need a tool that can move cars (4 files each, 5 if we include a graphic or metadata) from the game dir to a garage and back.

A lot of information can be found on the forum (forum.stunts.hu
So if anyone wants to program but is looking for a project. 

I apologize if I offended anyone by my shameless request.
I'm just getting frustrated and feeling powerless.