Full Version: complaint/praise
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qb45.net is qbasicnews.com's Macintosh slave.
Quote:qb45.net is qbasicnews.com's Macintosh slave.

I don't understand... what do you mean?
Do you know who saved Apple from collapse?

Hint: The initials of this person are BG.
So Qbasicnews saved qb45.net from...
qb45.com! i think some qbnews ppl offered webserver space or something.
Wildcard used to run QB45.com, for any who dont remember, he bought it from Jorden after Jorden wanted to focus more on his ringtones site. Brenden ran it for a good while, but deciding he couldnt run two sites and still have a life he sold it Mike Doise, where this entire mess started with truetech.

So, you could say that this site ruined qb45.com, but Wildcard didnt know and it's still a good site. And he, Jason, Marcade, Tek, QBFreak2k (and to a very small extent the former admins) collaborated to put the now defunct QB45.com on QB45.Net and org. It just needs more traffic and admins willing to update (Jorden and Wildcard did an excellent job of updating).