Full Version: Would somebody ewxplain to me why my posts...
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yesterday got deleted?

If somebody has an axe to grind against me, just post openly so we could dicuss things. I don't like backstabbers.
You weren't the only one with that problem.
nice to know you had that too. ;*)
:???: Hmm...I don't know.

I'm not aware of any deletions of posts of yours Rel, Hex. Which post of yours got deleted?

If your post was in answer to someone elses post, and they deleted theirs, then yours would be gone too.

I hope the forum isn't getting gremlins. Maybe it was just belching, or something...

Thanks for reporting it.

- Dav
The posts that I answered to wasn't deleted. And I posted something on your board of a submission and it was deleted too. ;*(
Strange. Yeah, I noticed the link you posted at the code post wasn't working ( I never got to read it).

I'm very sorry your post was somehow erased.

- Dav
I lost a few too. wierd.
Welcome to the Twilight Zone. *bg music*
Yeah, I kinda forgot to mention that my host was moving the server I was on. That should explain the twilight zoney stuff, but I will "investigate" everything further.
I confess! It was me, Seph. I can't help it, I just like to delete rel's posts! I apologize.
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