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"I am trying to set up a site where I can put my QB stuff. I added a forum and some weird features, such as embedded fonts.

This is not an opening, just a test. I'd like you all to visit the web and check if it looks ok: http://usuarios.lycos.es/qbsux

It will look ok if it looks like the screenshot in this thread:


News submitted by Na Than

Nice name!!!!

[edit] woops, forgot the quote[/edit]
Quote:Uh what rel said, apparntly i cant see the rest of the thread when editing, but hey, at least the delete buttons an x now
Nah, its just an excuse for nathan to sign up for what must be his 50th account at that lycos server, lets see hes got firstqb,qb$ux,the award page?, his jill page, his rare qb page, and i probably forgot a few others.....

Nice site anyways. But i cant telll if the font is loading right or not, i think its time new roman, becuase it doesnt look sqaurry, but you jpeg pics compression is playing tricks with my eyes...., who knows maybe it is the same
Hmmm... I guess it is not working... I'll have to read that tutorial again. The font is a pixelated one, named "Sydnie", which comes with the latest version of QuickTime.

WEFT, the utility to convert the font, needs to be specified in which server the font will work, and I guess I didn't enter the correct info.

I'll try again later.


(about the other sites: I just have that QBraritiespost, the other ones are deleted. FirstQbasic was hosted by qbasicnews. and I am waiting Aethersoft to have enough spare time to update it with a new compo and tons of reviews that are written already).
Whoa, na_th_an. I like this pixel design of the fonts. I'll add a link to your site on my favoured links page. It's great. I've just registered on your board....
Thanks man. When I have my links section up there will be a link for you site Wink
Well... at least your stupid font now displays correctly. And Deluxe Paint works perfectly this time.

Cheers for that. [Image: drink.gif]
Deluxe paint has always worked, even in the old site Wink It was the server who sent wrong frames... hehehe...

Nice to see the stupid font working Wink
I've posted in your forum. Big Grin
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