Full Version: Did seph get banned?
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He can't access the forum. He got banned at neozones, too, he says.

And qb45.com
and qb45.net

Yes he was banned. I believe it was because of some inappropriate posts that have now been deleted.
Ya think? Give him a break, he's going through a tough time right now, but maybe it's best for him to be banned right now, but I hope you'll unban him soon.
Well, personally I think that it's right to ban people that doesn't follow the guidelines that the webmaster(s) make up. This isn't a kindergarden, if a webmaster tells someone..."ok, you've crosses the line now. Don't do that again!"...and then that someone dude keep doing the same "misstakes" over and over again,well then I think it's good if that someone gets banned. If someone spammed about useless crapp on my board (which is a tiny little board with very few users) I would have no problem to take action against there behavior. The webmaster rules, since it's he who pays (mostly) for the site. We are just visitors, who'll have to accept the guidelines for a site or leave it...

I don't know what Seph has done, my thoughts are just generally thoughts about banning.
I have a disturbing feeling it was due to some of those racial quotes. I dont know if he was banned from neobasic, as he never really hung out there as i recall, but he was banned from qb45.net and com for using stolen passes to make himself an admin, and then gave them to rampkorv, who banned the other adminstrators.
Um, Jocke? It's not a vegetable-raising place, it's kindergarTen. German I think. Meh, I just love correcting adults. I, for one, will never be an adult. Life will be awesome.
Quote:Um, Jocke? It's not a vegetable-raising place, it's kindergarTen
hehe...well, my english is not the best... I've been corrected by many "kids" like you... :wink:

Ps. Vegetable-raising places and kindergarten are almost the same stuff anyhow 8)
Yes he was banned temporarily, but has since been unbanned. I did leave him a message. He does know the score though, he has been through this before.
Um, I dont know if Jocke knows this, but to all non-americans: Kindergarten is the first required year of schooling that children enter when they are five or six (in Florida pre-school is not required). After that they enter elementary school, until they are 11 or 12. Then they attend junior high (aka middle school) until they are 13 or 14. Then they enter high school until they are 17 or 18. Elementary and middle school are sometimes lumped into the term "grade school".
Quote:Yes he was banned. I believe it was because of some inappropriate posts that have now been deleted.
Damn shame :rotfl:

But posts like this http://forum.qbasicnews.com/viewtopic.ph...ght=#24409 were always going to get him into trouble, along with his racist crap.
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