Full Version: I need qbasicnews.com data, if...
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it is easily available.

What I need is post quantity and view quantity in a table. (if unique views are stored somewhere, I would like that too)

I'm going to derive the relationship between the two.... yeah...... :lol:
I don't have the views bit(well not easily accessible afaik) but maybe this is useful?

Number of posts: 12620
Posts per day: 18.65
Number of topics: 1216
Topics per day: 1.80
Number of users: 765
Users per day: 1.13
Database size: 15.99 MB Gzip compression: ON
That wouldn't work... I wanted individual ones, eventually to transform into X-posts,Y-views.

Just a silly idea......
For each person? Hmmm, good luck. You already have X posts for each person, and Y views for each topic, but Y views for each person?
For each topic.

Which converts to "for each topic of average post length X"