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QBasic New Zealand has had its Big Opening, new design and new content, tutorials and downloads. You can visit the site at http://qbnz.com/.
You don't have permission to access /pages/downloads/strategy/starquest11.zip on this server.

Get that fixed.
Nice site Smile I'm glad to see you uploaded Jill .

It is so well designed, clean and easy to read. Good work!
Oops, the server made some files (above about 100K) permission 600, and I must have missed that one.

Thanks for the praise nath. I just discovered that it was so well made that I could get a subject pass for bursary (last year before university) for it! And I hadn't even enrolled in the course!! :bounce:

I got Jill. It'll get reviewed at some point in the future. I have a special grading system, "proportional rating", that gives more emphasis on things like graphics (which should be good in a QB game) and less importance to sound (which is harder to code for especially in small games).
Kewl!!!! (9-Liners)
Hehe... what's the latest version of RelLib? (I have v2)
QBNZ looks cool...but I think the board would look better if you made it in the same design as the rest of the site...
I'm working on it...
Ok...but tell me when it's finally ready...
Quote:Hehe... what's the latest version of RelLib? (I have v2)

Version 4.5
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