Full Version: Rocket Fuel Mayhem released!
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Rocket Fuel Mayhem is a one screen, spaceship battle game in style of Star Control melee featuring gravity, 8 ships, 6 arenas, AI, animated pilots, tournament and much more is available for download here : http://lachie.no.sapo.pt/rfm10.zip or
on the KENTAURI's website: http://www.kentauri.cjb.net.
Could you fix the post? The URL tags. Thank you.

And comment people, please!

I've had a very quick look. Looks excellent, but the font is a little hard to read...

Do you want me to host it on QBNZ?
One thing about the website...I would be better if you made the frame to the left a little bit thinner..
Quote:Do you want me to host it on QBNZ?

Yes. With a small review if possible. Thank you.

Fonts to hard to read? Tried to bright up the palette?
Website? You mean mine?

I'll host it. I'll review it at a future point, but you can go to http://qbnz.com/pages/downloads/action/ and look at the comments for ZeroG, that's sort of what you'll be getting.
And that's what I'm expecting. Smile
Ignore the spelling/grammar errors in the database!

Lachie is a bad speller of gigantic proportions..

They will be fixed! In a patch! Soon! ... :king:
No, just the font style is hard to read.
for the Nth time...



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