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Qbasic New Zealand (QBNZ) updates with over 40 new downloads, including some legendary QB games, awesome libraries, and entries from challenges here at the qbasicnews forums. Be sure to read QBNZ's news for all the details.

Go to the Qbasic New Zealand web site here:

Most _TRULY_ dearest Oracle,


Touching base with you right now, I have just noticed this afternoon on this latest update of yours that Future.Library was by AAP (Adigun Azikiwe Polack). Let’s get one thing honestly straight: I did not create or develop Future.Library myself, ever, as Michael Rye Sørensen and Jorden Chamid are the *original* creators behind that amazingly _SPLENDID_ classic lib for QB45/QB71! Big Grin So, for the _very_ benefit of your ever-growing number of users, could you please correct that error as soon as possible? I would **MOST** appreciate it very much, Oracle!! ;*) !

Furthermore, I just thank you *SO* much for hosting my file called “The 8-Bit Palette Machine” — designed *only* for the QuickBASIC Caliber Programming Compo (Summer and Autumn 2003) — on your site and that you gave it 4 stars out of a possible 5! I appreciate that, man!! :king:

And finally, ***MY DEEPEST CONGRATULATIONS*** to you on your record 40+ new downloads on a single update!!! To share something with you here, the _RECORD_ number of new downloads that I have ever put up on a single update of the AAP Official Homepage was 136 (including such **MOST RAREST** finds as QB/EVGFX Version 1.10-3, for example! Big Grin ), BUT you are starting to get right up there, I can **flat** guarantee you that myself!! Just keep up the TOP-NOTCH work, and ***spectactularly*** good fortune to you continually, Oracle!!! Wink !!!


[Image: AAPMini.gif]
Adigun Azikiwe Polack
One of the Founders of “Aura Flow”
Webmaster of the AAP Official Homepage
Official Founder of the “QuickBASIC Caliber Programming Compo”
Never, have I seen so much effort placed into decorating a single post.
Most valued Adigun Azikiwe Polack,

Thank you so much for pointing out this most grevious error on my part! ;*; ;*) I am most disappointed with myself for not researching this further than I should have. Unfortunately, I was forced to complete my update way too soon by my dear old dad, who forced me to complete my upload early so I could eat my dinner with the rest of my family, which you must agree is a most important pastime.

But now the problem has been fixed, so you can rest easy ;*)

And finally, I'd like to point out: did you get 136 downloads in just one week for AAP Offical Hoomepage? But all the same, *** CONGRATULATIONS *** on your sterling update!!! ;*)

Wishing you true happiness in all your doings...

Webmaster, QBNZ

N/C. Honestly.
Oracle: where did you get Total destruction?!!!!!

I noticed in the ReadMe that the dev is 1-1-2003

And I never have heard of that fun game!!! ;*(

N/C. Honestly.

Eh? (Pardona mi por englaise)

Relsoft: It's pretty cool, eh Tongue Made with RelLib too! I thought he had mentioned somewhere that he had talked to you about it, but I'm not sure.

He submitted Total Destruction to me the night before the big update (and caused me promptly to lose 30 minutes having fun Wink)
Didn't get an email from the guy. :*(

Heck!! I'll email him myself!!!
Quote:Eh? (Pardona mi por englaise)

Nah, just... impressed, that's all.

Regarding the game, I still think that FJ without sound is far better. Well, we already discussed that, Mr. Lope.
Interesting new avatar, Mr Hex Tongue

That's only a demo, BTW. I'll have to ask him about the real version.
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