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I think it would be cool if on the left of you post it had your personal post number. it has the total of you post but not the post number at the time of the post. like this would be my 216th post. my next post would be 217th. wut do you think?
you can't remember a single number before pressing reply? .....
what are you talking about? [Image: KkatRoll.txt]
I guess you wont have to remember the your PPN but the forum will automatically put it for u like on the qb45.org's forum. I think :roll: Well thats atleast what I have gathered :bounce:
There might be a mod that does that, but you'll have to find it first. Go to the phpBB home site and look at the mods to see if there is one, and then go to some of the other sites they say have mods and look around.
ah! the above poll is 66 , 33. thats only 99% it's missinng one!
anyway. I couldnt find one for the ppn but i found many other sweet ones. http://phpbb.com/phpBB/catdb.php?db=1
Quote:ah! the above poll is 66 , 33. thats only 99% it's missinng one!

Of course it is, it's a rounded number (down to nearest integer).
oh. but still. anyway if it was rounded up or down it would be


nm someone voted

now it would be
I say pointless waste of time Wink
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