Full Version: What do you think of the current logo?
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And I mean the logo on the main site not the forum... (this logo if you haven't caught on yet...)

So... what do you think? I think we need a new one heheh Wink[/url]
I don't care. Voted.

BTW, if you want to change the logo, a complete revamping of the whole site should be necessary too, to give more "coherence" to the process. Just MHO.
Hmmm yeah... that homepage has been there for years now, that's pretty old in web terms Tongue
Don't care either, and agree with HD.

I think there are more interesting things to fix before, if ya know what I mean Wink
yea, a big update has precedence over all. but i don't like the logo.
it's fine... but the logo on the forum is SOOOO much better. voted... I think a new design would benifit qbnews, but it's not necessary. I know wildcard doesn't have the time or energy.
Heh... I figured as much Wink I was just thinking about it the other day and thought I'd get people's opinions on it....

And what the heck are you guys going on about a new design? This design is *new*. It's revamped from magus's old design... so in a way its old... but its sortof new I guess Wink.
but it would be better if you could have a non-broken "feature" rant submit (webmaster@qbasicnews.com?), a button at the main page to actually submit a feature rant, integrate the two FAQs, and have the whole website be skinned. :roll:
True... I guess that would encourage more people to submit articles/rants... I've been working on a new content management system for qbrpgs.com and some other sites which might work well here too. It supports skinning anyway Wink
this design new??? :lol: haha... lol... I don't think so
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