Full Version: Scoreboard for challenge participation.
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Wouln't it be nice if there was a facility, like the number of posts per member, where we could keep a cumulative score derived from solving or participating in challenges.

This would give members a little more incentive for posting solutions to challenges.

The score per challenge would be a little arbitrary since it would be assigned by the member who posted the challenge, using his criteria. Otherwise we would need some kind of review committee, which could get a little hairy.
Yep, I like the idea. I'm sure that with a little bit of work here and there, it could come to light.
So you'd have:

Challenges won:

Well, not a bad idea, but someone will have to mod the forum. HD?
I'm not sure thats what he ment, i think he means an area you can go to so you can see who won how many challenges, and how many they entered. kinda like the memberlist section (shows post, junk like that).

but then i again i might be wrong, and you may be right...
The way you suggest is much easier. All we need to do is get someone to do it...
We could let the person who's willing to make the change decide the best or easiest way.
Well... now we need someone to do it. So who is willing?
Quote:Well... now we need someone to do it. So who is willing?

Of couse, wildcard when his connection starts working again... I'm not sure what goes on behind the scenes, but I know he has access to the scripts and stuff...
this might help? :bounce:
Yep Smile

Although someone with FTP access to QBnews will have to do it so... waiting for Wildcard...