Full Version: Big Fro Moe Software Update
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Fro Moe Software has relaunched sporting a major facelift, a new domain name, and new content! Head over to http://www.fromoesoft.com/ to check it out!
I wish that forum wasn't in a frame. Bleh.
The forum won't be in a frame on the next update. Thanks for the input....
Did my comment make you register? o_O

I feel... powerful now. *tries to do Matrix stuff* ...damn it
Umm... Is it just me where is there nothing in the "games" section? That's inhumane, you know....
I've been wanting to put in some games and other programs, but lately I've had no submissions. I agree with what you said, but I have no games to put there. Do you have a game you would like in the games section?