Full Version: Posting Protocol: Don't post topic and disappear.
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Many times a person will post a problem or question which get a bunch of people involved trying to solve the problem or answering the question, and then the original person disappears, never posting any kind of a response. The least the person should do is post his thanks to the participants or some kind of an acknowledgement. This could be part of a "posting protocol".
Thats a thought. though sometimes they cant help it. but if the cant or something suddenly comes up they should post that they may not be back for awhile.
many people not only post a single "thanks", but their second post corresponds to their second question...

Moneo, tha protocol is already part of the "Netiquette", but most people even know that it exists.
Good. Thanks guys, I was beginning to think that it was my imagination.
Yeah, unfortunately you'll never manage to get everyone, or even a good proportion of people to do that. You'll just have to make a decision when helping someone: do you want to put effort in when you may not get anything back?