Full Version: decryption challenge
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this may be the stupidest challenge i thought of yet but here.
Make a program that decrypts this. good luck.



btw: this is easy once you figure it out
see section 2.3 from the sci.crypt FAQ


"If you have come up with an encryption scheme, providing some
ciphertext from it is not adequate. Nobody has ever been impressed by random gibberish."
its not random gibberish. i encrypted my encryption code
I found 2 different ways that work, should I just PM you in the interest of not spoiling it for everyone else?
sure. go ahead
I only found one way. Solved this by sight, using MS-DOS EDIT to replace the characters with the obvious Letter or symbol. Once the correct letters start to appear it became easier to get the rest, and they all fell into place. Then I saved it as a BAS and ran the encrypted text through it to decrypt it which shows your original code that match what I came up with.

I PM'ed it to you.

- Dav
yep. thats right