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QB Colony has updated with a new design, and some articles explaining some changes. Next update there should be a number of new game reviews, so stay tuned!
Whoever tells me the front-page's image doesn't work gets to be punched in the face...
I'm getting a 504 timeout error... do I get a punch? :lol:
I'm not, don't use the "tk" one for now... *whack* TK's having problems...
Quote: So yep, I'm sorry, but if you want your site reviewed, it's not gonna happen here. QB New Zealand is the only site that I know of that would probably review your site, as they have just started their review section. Hopefully they'll do a better job with site reviews than me

Geez, put on the pressure won't you? :lol: Alright, I'll do some then, but later Wink

And the image doesn't work :rotfl:
image are you there


Image? I dont see any image. Just an empty place holder Big Grin :bounce:
In fact it is a red X. There is no image.
So.... where could it be? :lol:
wait i just gotta get the door. (in the distant) hey qbcolony's image.


why arn't you at qbcolony homepage

can't be bothered to walk there
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