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A live IRC chat window would be neat here where when you sign in, you connect to a QbasicNews IRC channel so you can talk live to people who are on-line on this site. Then you can easily discuss posts a lot faster than waiting for responses. But Forums are still great, I'm just saying both on the same page would be neat. I find sometimes that exchanges of ideas are done better when in realtime. Who thinks it's a good idea? Place your votes people Smile
That's a good idea!!!!!
...could be useful...
Good idea, useful too! Smile.
Yes, exellent idea...Just what the qb community needs!
Big Grin
Ok, since you asked for it ;-) I've setup everything and am just uploading the code shortly.
Cool! Big Grin
nice idea....but, there is always some kind of 'but'

Why the hell does nobody of you come to the official qb chatroom
on leahcims server. It's better than the IRC chat and you can
use one of the chat applets at www.qbasic.com/chat.html or
www.blueqb.de.vu/chat.html ....

well, anyways, nice idea.

I go there if I'm online. :*)
I'm saying that THIS site in peticular would be more dynamic if it included a chat box where everyone would automatically be connected all the time. Thanks wildcard for implementing my idea!
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