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you ever notice when you click on an Emoticon they stop moving. why does this happen?
It doesn't.
You're right they do... well. does it really matter?
looks like a bbcode javascript bug... nothing you can really do about that *shrug*


How do you expect me to know you're talking about the emoticon menu and not the emoticons in a posted message?
It's a phpbb thing, it can be fixed with one line of code. But no admin around here ever seems to install any mods we request...

edit: aga, he's talking about the emoticon menu. Everyone else knows what he's talking about...
even i knew what he meant and i mean come on. When do i understand anything?

It's not just when you click on them. If you wait long enough, they stop. It's because their animation loop setting isn't inifinite (can it be?)
Like I said, yes it can, but you have to alter one line in the php, but admin on this forum don't do mods...
Hehe, the lazy bums :wink:. But it doesn't happen for me, so whatever Smile.
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