Full Version: QB on Acid Issue #9 released!
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Nekrophidius has released issue #9 of QB on Acid. You can read it at http://www.nodtveidt.net/qboa/mainpage.html.
Gr8, but I'd prefer to read real game reviews next time Wink
3 jocke reviews, two on the same game, just to say "it sucks" over two sentences? Jeesh...
give it a chance! I mean, nek's only one man. i'm sure next issue will be lots better, since people now know about it and may want to help write it.
i thought it was great and would love to help him write it
I would also be happy to help. :king:
Tis nice to see a better response to this incarnation of QBOA Smile anyways, as I said somewhere on one of the god-knows-how-many forums...anyone can write for QBOA, regardless of who you are, what your "status" is, etc. I don't care how "3r33t" you are (or think you are) and neither does anyone else. If you got something to say, QBOA will publish it. Plain and simple. It would be nice to have some technical articles and maybe some third-party product reviews, but QBOA is open to anyone and anything, so make what you will. I've started a multi-part review of UGL and I got a couple of games to review. Not sure about any articles just yet but eh...got a week or so to go before I want this issue out so that should be plenty of time to write up a nice article or two. Anyways, anyone and everyone is welcome to write for QBOA, so send away. Smile

-nekrophidius :evil:
Nek, look in the "Qbasic in General" forum for the thread we had a while ago about starting a new QB magazine. There's an interview by seph with blitz about UGL, and some ideas for you Smile
Kinda liked it. ;*)

And those old issues really was and awesome read!!!

BTW CosmoX ain't a hoax. ;*)
I didn't liked it. It's...I don't know. If you didn't had time, will or talent to do something more then...never mind.
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