Full Version: What style do you use?
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Some people have mentioned they use subSilver recently, so I was wondering how many people do use subSilver, and how many are with the smartdark style (toonski can take the results of this poll into account when he designs his next avatar :lolSmile
That was me who voted btw Wink
I just remembered to vote in my own poll Wink
Smart Dark cuz of Tonnski's 2-faced avatar. ;*)
Smart Dark.....it looks better
Subsilver... it's better on me eyes............
Bright better for your eyes than dark? :lol:
i use subsilver also... just more familiar with it
subSilver because It makes me feel like i'm not in a dungeon Big Grin
uh...what are you talking about? what do you mean by forum?. like the style is one is in?
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