Full Version: Challenge: Creating AI that can "learn" through pr
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Quote:I dont think select case would work here.

IF A > BA - 7 THEN A = A - 1     'its these 4 troublesome lines
IF A < BA + 7 THEN A = A + 1
IF B > BB - 7 THEN B = B - 1
IF B < BB + 7 THEN B = B + 1

its all the IF statements, regarding position of each co-ordinates.
for example, if the A coordinate is more than the enemy minus a bit, IE to his left, then go left until you are no longer in that area.

at least thats the way my mind calculates it.

Case is >BA-7
I think to let a program learn you have to start with some 'world' rules which are constant. For example the cpu tries to eat everything which he sees for the 1st time. And if that failes he tries to use it for other things. So there must be some rules set up for the items too... hmm well just some thoughts.

It might also be an idea, to let the computer save the experiences in an outputted file, so it loads up the file and restore his experiences(or the things learned) again.

(play the game Creatures, it got some extensive AI in it)
lol when i changed the ifs to selectcases he would run to a corner and get stuck...
Ya barok i tried making a chat program wich used premade sentences and the MID function. i had to give the user certain rules like "if your asking a question then put a ? at the end". It was funny becuase i only got about 1/4 of the way done and then i realized that it was useless.

PS. i dont think a computer can ever be "aware of itself" or "Aware of its workings"
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