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Quote:nath->firegoddess :lol:

What did you think of Jill, high-and-mighty relsoft?

One of the best games in QB. Played it until the tower which crashed everytime I went there. ;*(

And dang!!! The costume!!! Or lack of it makes it cooler!!!
Hee hee... na_th should make Jill2 with RelLib, and use some of the great new fx to make Jill really live Tongue
As of last month(orn so...) Nate was making a game of *Naked* proportions. Oink!!!!
Yeah, I'm an ass. I don't work in the game since I submitted it for the expo. I don't have time enough. But I promise I'll get this done... sometime.

Jill2 is on the planning stages. I am gonna include FSM enemies (way more intelligent than the dull ones which appear in Jill), really big levels and parallax scrolling. Anytime, anytime.

Can you create layers in XMS with RelLib? I am asking that 'cause the examples I've said use conventional memory buffers...
Nope. sorry but I think using a single base layer would do just fine. Fj uses only one layer. ;*)
Yeah, I only need one. But 64 K less ... Well, I think I'll store map data and GFX data on XMS. Can I do that?
Yep, that's why turboFX,Lachie and oracle, etc. are bugging me with XMSput. ;8)
This post is very close to being an insult to all of us who released QB game(s) in the past year. Maybe that's what Nekrophidius really meant. I'm getting sick of this kind of attitude to be honest. And Nekrophidius is not the only one who thinks like that. Why don't you make a game, Nekrophidius "Mr.Hot-Shot I know it all"?
And show us what is a good QB game.

All games I rescently played(StarQuest, Robot Robbery, ZeroG) don't suck. And I'm sure other that were released in the past year like Larry The Dinosaur 2, Squealer TNT or MUX DON'T suck. I also happen to belive that my games are not even near of being sucky.
I second that. Ive been looking into recent QB games, and I like them.

indie games always brings a smile to me.

heck, i even liked those 1 hour programming challenge games, that FBI house hunt was strangely fun.

if you say they suck, we must ask the question, what is it that you want from these games?

thse are 1 man teams mostly, and they pour alot of their heart and soul into their programs, anyway, if you want the kind of production value that comes from 50 man teams, and 4 years of dev time, goto the store and purchase some.

Im tired. too early to be posting, methinks Im going back to bed.
Anyways, back to the subject... I've been making some games, and I give up on all them because they take too damn much out of QB. Also they were good learning experiences. Smile
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