Full Version: Here's a real challenge...
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Make a game that doesn't SUCK. In QB. Libraries OK. Time limit: one year.

-nekrophidius :evil:
you obviously havent seen my Tramampolining gunmen topic on another section of these boards then.

at the very least, it could be described as non-sucky
not perfect, but not sucky.

the url to it is in my other post.

have fun!
FJ will win though...
Hey! Jill doesn't suck! She's just a cute babe.
Who said that jill sucked??? Wink
Quote:Who said that jill sucked???

heh heh, I'll bet Jill does su.......maybe not, there are children here ;-)

Have you played it, Loose?

Oracle: Loose never implied Jill sucked she just "sucked" ooops. ;*)

Who got Jill to wear nothing? Hint: Talk to the Fire Goddess. yay!!!
nath->firegoddess :lol:

What did you think of Jill, high-and-mighty relsoft?
he he he cool game of words I did uh?
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