Full Version: "Game with one control key" challenge(CLOSED!)
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Ok. I'm submitting my entrie.
It's called The Man Who Had A Boat which you were able to see already from the screenshots I've posted.

It's a simple game where the player controls a boat. Using that one key player changes the direction of rowing. Game turned out to lack the challenge while gameplay is not that great too. Technical perfection is also a bit dubious due the imperfect hazards to boat collision. Still I think it's an interesting game on the first ball, with the unexpected story progress animation and the surprise last level. But without any replay value it doesn't hold much water once you see all of it. Nevertheless I enjoyed participating in this challenge and am glad that nice number of people decided to join the challenge too.

Download: www.samods.com/~lachie/onekeyc/boat.zip

The Man Who Had A Boat features no sounds nor music. It's uses XMS memory. And that's only because of main menu image. Silly, I know. It's around 257 Kb unzipped.

When submitting your entries please include a screenshot and a short discription. Thank you.

EDIT: I found out that I won't be online on monday so deadline is proloned for one more day(until 25th).
haha Funny little game, Lachie. You were right about replay value and stuff, but the little cutscene was entertaining enough. Big Grin I actually thought of doing a game like that for a second, so I'm glad I changed to a platformer. Can't wait for Boat Man to conquer the universe. :wink:
Crap. I just started working on my entry yeseterday ( :roll: ) and it's basically the same thing but in outer space, and it sucks, whereas yours is great.

Probably my last update:

Thanks to you, Lachie for the GFX and all help!
That's neat! Smile

I can see similarities with another just-released game of yours though... :lol:
Lachie: Nice game. Very enjoyable and a cool idea. Smile
That game makes my game look like crap! then again my game wasn't really anything to begin with. all in all, great game! Big Grin
I will hafta finish up my game tonight because tomorrow I have to study for an exam in Management 201...yuck...and then Monday, study for an exam in Marketing 201...barf. Anyways, I'll probably just end up removing the butchered sound routines and just making it a silent game. Cry
Aye, I'm going to have to go down the silent road, and all day tomorrow I'm going to have to write a paper that I've been putting off for days to program my entry. Big Grin Sadly, this will be my first complete game ever. heh But at least it's done and very fun!
I also have taken two screenshots:

[Image: screenie1.gif]
[Image: screenie2.gif]

If they don't show, just go to my site...
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