Full Version: "Game with one control key" challenge(CLOSED!)
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Well, finally done. but not that great of a game at all. but, it's my first complete one, and this is the first challenge ive ever entered so... heres my screenshot, and the game



if the pic wont show, then paste the address to the url.
Lol... Exteremly simple, monochrome graphics... but still fun!

My teachers recently Did Unto Me so I may not get my entry done on time, but I don't want to hold the whole competition up. I'll try to upload Tues. night, though I may not be able to. What time, specifically, will the entries be do? And would it be ok if mine were a little late?
OK...here's my entry. It isn't quite polished and I know it has a couple of bugs in the collision routine but I was just so busy over the weekend with fixing computers that I didn't have time to really finish it. It's also silent coz of time restrictions as well. There are quite a number of other things I planned on adding to it but meh...not enough time, again. Oh well...the work was worth it anyways. Lachie, this compo rocked Big Grin


Hope you like it Smile And again, sorry it's not quite polished enough...
lol got to round 7 than had to stop
That game with "FARTMAN/BIRDMAN/MAN-MAN" was awesome!

Is ther going to be an extension? I'd like to give it a shot! This is fun! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bounce:

I've almost got it actually, just a couple 'o' days O.K.?
Hey Lachie, my internet's acting up very badly. I'm going to try and get my entry up tomorrow, but it might have to wait till I get to Grandma's on Wednesday. It is coming, though not as polished as I hoped. Cheers, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Big Grin
Ok. I'm prolonging the challenge until the friday and that's FINAL.
I'm not sure is this is going to help anyone but with that arangement I'll have time to check the entries peacefully during the weekend and compile a nice challenge poll thread.

So...until 28th(friday).

Current entries:

Mechs(untitled?) by mech1031
Fundee by adosorken(aka Nekrophidius)
Cannons by red_Marvin
The Man Who Had A Boat by Lachie Dazdarian
OneKey(untitled?) by Ryan


As I get it, Ryan's entrie is pending for an update. Perhaps adosorken's too, but I don't know how much will he be motivated to debug/add features in 2-3 extra days.

All in all it should be 5(6, RST?) entries which is great.
Ok, I'm gonna have to drop some features becuase of lack of time, but I'll try to upload/email it to you before tomorrow. I had to change it around a little because it was, in my opinion, too similar to your entry.

This challenge was a great idea.
This reminds me of an excellent one-key game: Helicopter. http://www.addictinggames.com/helicopter.html
My Game is entitled "Falling Starz". sorry for not saving it as that, but thats what you get at the title screen. oh well, I think this challenge was also a very good Idea.
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