Full Version: "Game with one control key" challenge(CLOSED!)
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Quote:Well yeah, it was kind of offtopic, but I can't access ftp via IE in XP
and got nervous about being unable to d/l the other entries

Don't worry. When I say FTP account I mean on my website account. You will be able to download files from there just like from any other site.

eg. http://www.samods.com/~lachie/bbf10.zip

BTW, I stared to work on something. Done few sprites. Been busy with LONG. My entrie is kinda demanding in the graphic part. Neverthless, I started it, and will finish it.

Also, I've just realized that you can make micro machines type of game just with one control key. But since I already started to do something else and this seems like a too big cookie...
Quote:This idea is great!!! Imagine playing a game sipping a hot coffee....

Now imagine someone eating a squid. [Image: diablotin.gif]
LOL. Whos back?!!!!!
Mucho Amigo!!!!
Big Grin
count me in I think -- how long do we have for it?
Quote:- you have 30 days to submitt your game in the challenge(deadline
is on 22nd of 11th month); if small number of games will be
submitted and there will be requests for prolonging the deadline,
deadline will be prolonged

Pays to read the rules Smile You might be disqualified Tongue
Yep, I'm entering this one, and I've got an idea that will make some laugh and piss others off...just the way I like it Big Grin

-nekrophidius :evil:
I have a screen mode 7 alpha verision fresh out of the oven
should I send it to you? Compiled verision? upload to public display?
I have a few questions:

Quote:- game must be under 0.5MB(the idea is that you have to be original and keep it small - mini game)

External files allowed? (I imagine yes). And 0.5M is actually huge - several modules would fill 0.5M. You sure you don't mean something else smaller?

Quote:- usage or libaries is recommended

These count in the size limit?

Quote:- game must be playable(it has to have a head and a tail, way to finish it, way to exit it; implemention of menus and options is recommended)

Head&Tail: you mean that you can "win" the game?

Quote:- game must be runnable without a sound card

But can we include soundcard sound if we want and make it optional?
Oracle, he means that a soundcard can be used but the game must be able to run without one. That's a pretty reasonable request for the most part I reckon, and pretty easy to abide by. Smile

-nekrophidius :evil:
cool Smile I'm getting started now.
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