Full Version: "Game with one control key" challenge(CLOSED!)
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Interesting way to do the interface. :wink:
Thanks! Smile

And now wait for the next verision to come:
With a better user intergface, more options, nice colors, and the
posibility to choose your own textured background and terrain!...
Red: Coolness!!!! Played it. ;*)
Much like gorillas.
I think I'll take up the challenge, but I won't win I'm sure.
And that game is pretty hard, but fun nonetheless! Very ingenious!

It works with windows 98 and DOS Wink but I have problems when
running it in XP (but that is to be considered normal Tongue )
Do you have any timer problems?

-Please let me know...
red_Marvin: I get a 'subsript out of range' after having entered the players names. I'm running XP, though.


hey, ah i dont mean to sound jerk-ass but um does the mouse count as one key? i ask really only so you dont get entries that you didnt clarify, then want to disqualify... but anyways... count me in i have vague ideas but they could be made by the 22nd im sure... its not too late is it? :???:
i get an error too.


red_marvin, im running windows 95... getting the same error. Cry
just to let ya know
I'm running Win 98. The subscript out of range error is in CANREL2.
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