Full Version: "Game with one control key" challenge(CLOSED!)
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I don't really have a lot of time to dedicate to coding as of late, so my entry is probably going to be very subpar. Well anyways, I figured I should probably at least show people what I'm working on. This is a prototype shot, not a final version, it's mostly test code...

[Image: fundee.png]
Since everyone else is showing off their stuff, figured I should too. Big Grin
adosorken: :o Mouth wide opened

This is the screenshot from Ryan's entrie :
[Image: okscreen.GIF]

Ryan: It's not absolutely neccesary for me to be able to check your entrie. Just please email me or post in here short discription of your game which I will need both for the challenge poll and the challenge page I plan to create. I'll need that any time before the deadline.
Quote:adosorken: :o Mouth wide opened
I'm not quite sure if that's a good or bad reaction...lol Big Grin
I really like it.
Thanks for the reply about my game, if it's the latest verision you
downloaded, Lachie should have the credits for the gfx since
he has done it (He has helped me with a parts of the code too)...
OK my game's just about finished, just gotta polish it up a little bit. I've found that by coding a relatively sealed state machine from the very beginning, making such a game in a couple of days is an absolute breeze. Smile

And umm...I guess I should explain a little about it, eh? OK it's called Fundee, and the idea is to peg the stickman with a tomato. It's sorta like Duck Hunt...gameplay is split into rounds, with each round having ten turns. You get three tomatoes per turn to peg the stickman. He runs around the screen and occasionally does something stupid, like take off his head and roll it around, or bend over and fart. Tongue You need to peg a certain number of stickmen to advance to the next round, and as the rounds get higher, the stickmen get faster and more unpredictable. There's 20 rounds, I can so far only get to 6.

From a tehcnical point of view...the game uses 1MB of XMS memory and normal SCREEN 13. It uses the spacebar. It uses absolutely no EMS memory at all (I hate using EMS). It moves about 100KB of graphic data per update from XMS memory and one might think that it would be uberslow but in fact it's very fast. It uses DashX for graphics, but I've yet to add sound effects. I don't think I will be adding music but I am currently undecided.

Anyways, that's the skinny on my entry. I'll submit it before the deadline. Smile
Some like much more fun than my entrie.

Stupid boat man!

lol That's kind of what I guessed from the screenshot, but I can't wait to see it in action. = P Is that background image pre-rendered or is the floor going to rotate around in a Mario Kart fashion? Can't wait to play. Big Grin

And hey.. boat man looks like he can be fun, too. :wink:
The background is pre-rendered...I don't have enough time to code a floormapper and consering the game is just about finished at this point and the deadline draws awful close, I'm going to leave it the way it is for now Big Grin
Cool enough. :wink: Been working on mine like crazy and keep coming up with too many ideas to code. Scoring and power ups both work now, so all that's left is the different game types (story/arcade/time attack/hot seat) and the high score tables. I'm also planning on adding a tutorial mode if I have enough time to do some simple scripting, as well as maybe a Skill Test mode or something. We'll see how it goes... I have my roommate hooked on it, as well as the guys next door. Only one guy has been able to top my score so far.. but he's definitely going down tonight... :evil:
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