Full Version: How do I get my title off of new member?
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I was just wondering cause I have ebeen posting for a while now.. and I was wondering how your rank is determined.
It changes after you get 50 posts, or contact admin and ask them to give you a custom rank.

But don't trash post to boost your post count, people will just think your in idiot.
Yeah, like once you have 50 you become a 'Forum Regular'.
> 100 - Senior member
> 200 - Guru
> 300 - Wandering Guru... and so on...

Yeah, and no spamming please =)

and dont worry about the title thingy. People don't really care about it.
Great. Now I'm an idiot.

Quote:Great. Now I'm an idiot.
Don't argue with him, he's right.

Also, you think you'be been here a long time buddy? Look at your joining-date. And look around at some other peoples'. Compare. Count months and days. Then be more knowledgable than you currently are.
:lol: Aga is right, of course. (his rank is a custom one, btw).

And yes, my rank is actually na_th_an, and it is a set rank, because as we all know na_th eclipses us all :lol:
Yeah, Nathan has >3000 posts =P. I think we should actually have a rank as na_th_an for people getting posts above 3000 Big Grin
Who can I contact to get a special title?
I know this question is primitive for you guys but I am just a newbie I geuss, how do I add a custom pic?
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