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Would anyone want more color schemes on this board? Why cant we have more vibrant color schemes? I mean there are only two color schemes - black & white. There are many colorful boards out there and I feel we should have more choice of styles =)

I would personally want atleast 4 to 5 color schemes.
Nah, I'm comfortable with the ones avaible here...also the most important thing is the content of each post/topic not it's "design" :wink:
What Jocke said.
I want pink!!! Captal Barbie!!!!

Big Grin
ugh :barf:
Quote:What Jocke said.

Not more to say
As long as it's pleasant to the eyes, I don't need more Smile
Dont you people get bored of the schemes?
Quote:Dont you people get bored of the schemes?

Guess it's really not the point of this board...
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