Full Version: Am I insane?
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Or did a whole topic section got deleted?

I wrote like 10 nominees for the 2003 game awards and now when I logged in again...the whole section is gone....are them moderators pulling our legs :wink:
Did you not see Wildcard say "the nominations will be back in a couple hours" ?
I pulled down the awards temporarily while I’m reworking the system. All the nominations and their threads still exist and will still go back tomorrow (they’re just hidden atm), I just don’t want to work on it publicly. Also the awards where going to be the 2nd QBN Gaming Awards but they’re just going to be the 1st Qbasicnews’s Awards.
Quote:Am I insane?

Is this a trick question Wink?
Wildcard, Ninkazu: Thanks for clearing it up for me.

TheBigBasicQ: :wink: