Full Version: TAC'03 is now open!
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The annual Text Adventure Compo is now open!


This yearly competition is a chance for coders from all dialects to produce the absolute best text adventure game possible. This year it's working a bit differently because phpBB is taking care of registration and voting, but other than that, it's the same as every year's TAC. It opens today and runs until the end of December. The official rules are on the site.

Good luck to all who enter! Smile

-nekrophidius :evil:
Quote:Your game must contain at least TEN (10) DESCRIPTIVE AREAS

10 locations. Interactive Fiction games are structured (mostly) in locations, like:

Quote:You're in a vast depression between two huge mountains. At your feet some small flows of water wet your toes. There is a big bush in front of you, not very far. The wind carries a nice smell from that bush.
nice description na_th_an. I look forward to playing all these games, will remind me somewhat of my mud days Wink
Heh. I thought these were supposed to be ASCII arcade games or something.... Can't imagine playing a game like that.... (no offense meant). Guess I'll just leave it to you old timers. :wink:
It is very usual that people who like to read books like to play interactive fiction. And it is not something for "old timers". IFs are developed nowadays and the community is big, active and healthy.
Like I said, no offense was meant. But if that's true, then there must be something to these IF games.

Can you link me to a good one?
No offense was taken, my frend. Check my post here: http://forum.qbasicnews.com/viewtopic.ph...t=photopia