Full Version: frame rate not constant
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Smiley rame rate is not constant in 100000 mhz iMacs!!! They're really really fast! Sad
I'm using Konqueror now, and the smileys are whacko too Sad
Do you *REALLY* mean on 100 GHz iMacs?? :roll:
100 ghz? Well, we MIGHT see one of those in ten year... for now, 3.2 ghz rule... :normal:
lol :bounce:
They seem faster on IE and Netscape too =P
Faster on IE and netscape? Then what? What are you comparing to?

I was comparing with the previous rates that i remember =)
Oh. . .

I dunno... it kind of seems the same to me. . .

Did you change computers or browser versions?
Hmm...that shouldnt really matter. But they seem to run at the normal speed now =)