Full Version: Goes behind bullet-proof glass..
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I'm sorry guys, but we need another Background skin choice, one that's brighter. And I'm not talking about the dull PHPBB one.

Maybe some sort of silvery theme, I don't know. I'm probably the only one here who thinks we need a change. But this dark one just makes it seem.... dead..
Moved to site issues.
So you're saying not subSilver(the standard phpBB theme)?

TBBQ raised this issue not so long ago but maybe it is time for a choice for a nice printer/reader friendly stlye(I think its readable but didn't access by different machines makes things different).
Could we have a non-avatar skin? One we could browse at the job, pretending to be at a job-related site? Big Grin
Sub-silver style is ok for me...

Which ones would make it look like a job?

I don't know if there's a mod that disables viewing avatars for certain users - you could always turn images off Wink
Aeolus maybe?
I've just began PHP, but... wouldn't it be possible to have users choose their own skin?
That's already a feature of phpBB. Go to your profile and select either of the current ones Smile
Simply Sub-Silver without the avatars and displaying emoticons as text...
But wildcard whats the problem with just installing more styles so we have better choice? I doubt it will take too much server space. And since each user can choose any of the schemes he/she wants =(
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