Full Version: Pick your favorite qbasic.tk advertisement
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This is the time where i bring in all 3 qbasic.tk fans out there (my aunt, grandmother, and brother), just kidding. Below you will see a few links to proposed qbasic.tk ads and i would like people to pick their favorite. The picture that gets the most votes will be put on the front page of qbasic.tk. Just reply to this message and state the one you would like to see.

Thanks everyone,

Sumo Jo

[Image: 1027380917.GIF]

[Image: 1027380947.JPG]

[Image: 1027380971.JPG]

[Image: 1027380989.JPG]
Here is the mouse and the trap

Also if you like the martha in hiding picture just respond and say you like the martha pick rather than take the poll.

[Image: 1027381012.JPG]
I can't see any of the pictures
Ok, this didn't work out how i had hoped. Well, i solved the problem now, everyone please head to qbasic.tk and click on the link that says vote for new front page after you have entered qbasic.tk. From the voting page you will see all the different pictures and be able to vote for them.

Sumo Jo
still can't see the images! ... Sad
*You can't see them on Qbasic.tk?
oh, sorry....of course i can see them.... ^_^