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It is pretty bad to still continue using a webhost or server that is down so much. Webhosting is so cheap and I'd expect a whole lot more for what they're paying. If you want to sort something out hosting wise you can email and we can sort something out.

That money is yours, I'm just glad you're going to get it.

Don't worry feel free to moan here ;-) Maybe we should work something out with Mike about running the site between us and them just getting advertising space(indefintely?), I still shudder to when I see the site down so much.. it sucks to think I stuffed up the site...

Also I found the backup I had, so I've got the old asm website stuff, I'll PM the details to you.
well, if you're going to run the sites together (haleluyah) get them on the same package and split the bill so you get a better deal.

freestyle hosting has worked out great, btw, thanks for recommending it! my boss, who gets paid to host sites, pays 10 times what i do for a crappier deal. and the tech support kicks ass, i love the ticket system they got.
Sad to hear that, Jason. You're struggling almost alone to take QB45.com to its former glory, and it's really exasperating to watch the site down and that goddamned Truetech or whatever never going offline. *sigh*
Rackshack.net aren't bad. They offer really good value to for money. They don't offer tech support, so I don't see how it could be bad ;-) They manage the server, the person who leases it has to manage the software. But I didn't, and still don't, know how to manage one properly. I'm currently using custom reseller account at freestylehosting.com(who've been great). When/if I get a better job I may go for one of their reseller servers with WHM/Cpanel.

The key to traffic as I see it is, to have the site accessible and all times and update regularly.
...and good contents, you forgot. :roll:
Quote:...and good contents, you forgot. :roll:

Yeah, I suppose that is important... ;-)