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has any one heared of ONI by bungi? it's a 3rd person combat game where you go about punching and kick your way through bad guys. the challenge is to make a 3rd person game kind alike that. is that possible? i know you culd probaly do it but it would be afully slow. what about a mortal combat/ street fighter type of game? i saw a fighting game once, it use wire frames and you only had tree moves. wasnt that good.
3rd person? Are you sure you don't mean first person? Virtually all the games written in QB are third person already...
Diroga: I have played ONI many years ago (when it was still a demo). Are you referring to the game in which the main character is a female dressed in black? The game I am referring to is here. However I am not quite sure what it is you want to accomplish. Is it possible for you to clarify your question further please?
I do believe syn9 is making such a beat-em-up. They're all just 3d wannabes of river city ransom and ninja turtles anyways Smile
I am really thinking first-person-perspective is the intended situation here. In which case...ugh. Such games are 99% of the time utter trash. It's just that making a 3D game using 2D technology...well, let's just say you lose perspective. Think of any 3D game you've played...and now look around you. Do you see a difference in perspective? Realistically speaking, you cannot capture the third dimension properly on a two-dimensional screen...hence why these games all tend to suck Smile

But hey, if it's your desire to try this, by all means, go for it. It certainly would not be too hard to set some standards here, considering the vast majority of subpar games made like this (the whole ten or so).

Then again, I could be wrong altogether about what this game is, considering very little information was given as to exactly what this thing is.
I dunno about you, but I tend to enjoy 3D RPGs. Have you ever played Morrowind? It's basically the only 3D rpg I've played (not finished), and I enjoyed it!
*closes one eye* aaaauuugh!! I can't perceive depth!!!

our brains can interpret a 3d image from a 2d projection. this is why photos and movies don't confuse the hell out of me, its a nifty trick to say the least Wink
I have amblyopia, so I supposedly "can't percieve depth", but I can catch balls, can see those 3d movies... there's more to depth than the plane you're viewing in or your eyes, it's quite complex.

About the only things I can't see are those "magic pictures", y'know, the ones that look like a mess but actually have a butterfly in them or something...
Oni kicks ass, it is awesome. I loved it, so similar games would be great but I'm not sure if a challenge would be enough for a person to create a similar game, it would requite a lot of hard work and effort.

Depth is a very curious thing, my great uncle only has one eye and yet still drives(I'm not sure how well though, only was in the car once with him and didn't go far though ;-) )
Well, they went over it briefly in my psychology ap class last year. There's a number of separate monocular clues that determine depth. Its mostly based on what you know, like for instance how big stuff is and such. And for some wierd reason, the brain equates height with depth. Binocular clues are mostly for perceiving more accurately.

btw, in America, it's illegal to drive with only one eye, I think. Or you have a restricted license or something.
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