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Is this a new "feature"?

Quote:You cannot make another post so soon after your last; please try again in a short while.

I forgot a [/code] tag and tried to edit it, but it wouldn't let me edit for a while. This restriction should be relaxed for post edits. If it isn't, it's just going to eventually become like the qbasic.com (network45...) forum, where you can't post another post for one (or two?) minute. . .
It's always been like that, as long as I can remember anyways [Image: argue.gif]
That's a board configuration "flood interval", it's set at 15 seconds so robots can't come and wreak havoc Smile. Maybe it could be shortened? Ask wildcard.
Actually it was set at 30 seconds but now it's set to 15 Wink

whatever Tongue
Heh... you sound almost insulted Tongue
No, just caught out Tongue
hm.. thanks. Smile
Why not just add a "Number/Word" image to the registration form. Like in the yahoo and many other sites so auto registration is stopped. Then you can turn off "Flood Control"
Flood control is for posts, not registrations Tongue
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