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Just formally getting the word out to people that the forum me and devbliss were working on is up and ready to go. Smile Please stop by sometime.
Great design....it's a very nice mod

I just registered....oh...and I saw that Blitz registered on your board....RESPECT
Thanks, lol. Is that respect thing from Adam Sandler?
not that I know
I posted this in the General News of the QBNZ forum. Thought I'd let you know.
Man, you gotta listen to his CD, it's funny.


gotta respect the condom :rotfl:
Moved to News Smile

(it sucks being in a text-only environment, I tell you... so hard to do anything...)
Quote:Moved to News Smile

lol ok that explains a lot then. I was wondering how seph was able to post it in the news forum hehe.
(Yay, never thought I'd be happy to boot into windows but now I have GUI!)

Yeah, I always think moving better than making a new post.
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